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The main issues in the current debate on long term safety assessment of GM plants are the scientific validity of assessment methods used and how their results should be interpreted. Knowledge generated in this context  needs to be scientifically and socially robust in order to be relevant. Involvement of stakeholders, bringing in a broad range of views and expertise, provides an ‘extended peer community’, which can foster such socially robust knowledge. A good and mutually meaningful involvement process including utmost transparency is, therefore, pivotal to the G-TwYST project.


The main aims of stakeholder engagement in G-TwYST are to:

  • Better inform about the G-TwYST research, its procedures, standards, limitations and context.
  • Inform and guide the research process and the interpretation of results.
  • Promote trust-building among actors.


Stakeholders can stay involved in various ways:

  • Participation in G-TwYST stakeholder workshops where the plans for the animal feeding studies to be conducted in the course of G-TwYST will be introduced and discussed (Vienna, 16 & 17 December 2014) and the interpretation of the results will be discussed.
  • On top of the workshop a procedure for written comments will be invoked allowing for both comments from interested parties not able to attend the workshop and in response to the workshop discussions.
  • Ask questions or make comments at any time.
  • Subscription to a G-TwYST news alert service that will inform you about new reports and updates on this website.
  • Subscription to a G-TwYST LinkedIn group where related news, events and discusion topics can be posted.


Anyone interested in attending the first G-TwYST stakeholder workshop on 16 - 17 December 2014 in Vienna is kindly invited to register by filling in the registration form before 30 October 2014. Attendance is free of charge but registration is required.