europa    seventh

on general conclusions and recommendations

from three scientific projects


16 APRIL 2018


Hotel Devín

Riečna 4, Bratislava, Slovak Republic



On April 16, 2018 G-TwYST organises a conference on general conclusions and recommendations from three scientific projects: G-TwYST, GRACE and GMO90+. 

G-TwYST and GRACE (GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence), both European Commission funded research projects, and GMO90+, a research project financed by the French government, conducted short and long term feeding trials with GM maize NK603 and MON810. The studies were to constitute a base on which to develop guidance on the conduct and analysis of 90-day subchronic toxicity, 1-year chronic toxicity and 2-year carcinogenicity studies and to comparatively evaluate their value for GMO risk assessment. The three projects included extensive stakeholder engagement activities.



The aim of this conference is to present general conclusions and recommendations from the feeding studies and discuss the challenges in performing and analysing toxicity and carcinogenicity studies, as well as possible ways forward.


Registration, venue and hotel

Registration for this conference is compulsory and can be done by completing the registration form at the G-TwYST website. Registration is open until April 6, 2018.
The Conference will be at Hotel Devín, Riečna 4, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Devín Hotel rooms can be booked at this special event webpage.


Travel information

Bratislava has excellent connection with Schwechat Vienna Airport. Flixbus departs from the airport every hou rand takes you to Bratislava (bus stop “MOST SNP”) in about 45 minutes. From the bus stop it is a 5 minute walk to Hotel Devín. Time tables and bus tickets at http://www.blaguss.sk/pages/en/timetables.php or http://www.floratour.sk/ponuka/blaguss-2/
Public transport in Bratislava: http://imhd.sk/ba/public-transport






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G-TwYST Conclusions & Recommendations

29 April 2018


At a Conference held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 16 April 2018, G-TwYST presented draft conclusions and recommendations regarding guidance on the design, conduct, interpretation, and analysis of animal feeding studies and their value for GMO risk assessment. A final version of G-TwYST Conclusions and Recommendations can be downloaded here.

Final programme 28/29 March available

18 March 2018

The final programma for the G-TwYST stakeholder consultation workshop on March 28 and 29 in Antwerp is available now and can be downloaded here.


This workshop, which is open for interested stakeholders, will focus on the draft results of a 90-day feeding study with 50% inclusion rate of GM maize NK603, as well as a combined chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity feeding study and the overall draft conclusions. Also included in the scope would be proposed quality criteria for whole-food animal feeding studies, and preliminary conclusions on the scientific value of such studies for GMO risk assessment. An additional agenda item will be insights from an analysis of scientific controversies around animal feeding studies including the GMO case.



Written comments, including from interested parties not able to attend, are welcome, and should be submitted before 6 April. Please, note, due to the tight schedule of the final phase of the project, this will be a firm deadline.