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On April 16 2018, G-TwYST presented the results of a 90-day toxicity study and a combined 1-2 year chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity study in rats fed with a diet containing Genetically Modified (GM) Maize NK603 and non-GM Maize control groups. On this page you can watch an impression on the G-TwYST findings, part of the documentary "Schöne neue Gentechnik – Revolution in der Landwirtschaft" (with english subtitles) made by the Austrian documentary makers from media and research platform addendum.org.


The full version of this documentary  with english subtitles (put subtitles 'on') is available on their Youtube channel.

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GMO90+ results published

3 January 2019

The results of the GMO90+ project, funded by the French government, have been published in Toxicological Sciences on December 10th, 2018. In this project, rats were fed for six-months with 8 maize-based diets at 33% that comprised either MON810 (11% and 33%) or NK603 grains (11% and 33 % with or without glyphosate treatment) or their corresponding near-isogenic controls. Similar to the results of G-TwYST and GRACE, no adverse health effect (and no biomarkers) could be attributed to the consumption of GMP diets in comparison with the consumption of their near-isogenic non-GMP controls.


The complete publication is available at the website of Toxicological sciences.

Tomorrow‘s food: How GMOs change global farming

30 July 2018

Austrian documentary makers from the media and research platform addendum.org published a version of their documentary "Tomorrow‘s food: How GMOs change global farming" with english subtitles (put subtitles 'on') on their Youtube channel. They included the G-TwYST findings that were presented at the final Conference in Bratislava on April 16, 2018 (between 28:15 and 31:20 in the documentary).