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One of the key principles of G-TwYST is maximum transparency in all research, consultation and communication activities.

In principle all documents will be put on this website and will therefore be public.  In order not to jeopardize publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal access to some data or documents might require signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


The following documents have been published:

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G-TwYST results published

13 February 2019

This week the paper  "Lack of adverse effects in subchronic and chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity studies on the glyphosate-resistant genetically modified maize NK603 in Wistar Han RCC rats" has been published in Archives of Toxicology. The open source paper is available online at https://doi.org/10.1007/s00204-019-02400-1.

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G-TwYST data available at CADIMA

13 February 2019

G-TwYST has  made accessible the detailed scientific information including raw data via the open access database CADIMA set up by the FP7 project GRACE.

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